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day in the life of case manager

In this article I’m going to take you with me on my typical day as a case manager. I say ‘typical’, but any case manger knows this doesn’t really exist in our daily lives! Every day presents me with a new challenge, but I’ll never get tired of finding solutions to improving the wellbeing of my clients. Before you join me on my day, I should probably introduce myself… Hi, my name is Linsey and I work as a case manager for AJ

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skills needed for case management

Do you think you have what it takes to become a case manager? Take a look at skill set checklist below to see if you have the traits needed to succeed in this industry. Of course, there is much more to case management than these 25 skills, such as training, qualifications, education, experience… but it’s a good place to start! With our extensive knowledge and experience of this industry, we believe a successful case manager is…

  1. Responsible
  2. Personable
  3. Knowledgeable
  4. Resourceful

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tbi vs ptsd symptoms

In this guide find an in-depth comparison between post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI). Read their definitions, shared symptoms, differences and case studies about those living with these conditions. Simply click on a topic to navigate through the post:

  1. What is PTSD?
  2. PTSD case study example
  3. What is a TBI?
  4. TBI case study example
  5. The overlapping symptoms
  6. The differences between the two
  7. Looking to the future and the importance of setting goals.



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how to become a case manager with no experience

How I became a case manager with no ‘relevant’ experience – my qualifications and experience…

In this post I’m going to guide you through my journey from being a teacher to becoming a case manager. I will give you insight into my past work experience, qualifications and how I started my career in this industry. It wasn’t a straight road for me, and there were some challenges along the way. Although, my passion for case management remained and I am so grateful

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case manager vs social worker In this guide we are going to break down the key differences between case managers and social workers. To give you a clear understanding of the two, you will find job descriptions, the major differences and similarities, which key principles they share and the various responsibilities each role holds. Simply navigate through the guide by clicking on a topic:

  1. What is a case manager?
  2. What is a social worker?
  3. What are the differences?
  4. What principles do they share?
  5. What duties are

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