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difference between mental illness and brain injury In this guide we will be discussing the similarities and differences between mental illness and brain injuries, and how the two can be related. Find out how trauma to the brain could lead to a psychiatric disorder, the potential symptoms and the support available to manage them. Setting goals is a vital part to reaching your milestones and focusing on the things that matter to you, so keep reading to find out how to set productive goals and why they are so beneficial.  

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anoxic brain injury symptoms In this article we will discuss what a hypoxic and anoxic brain injury is and how the two compare, including how ischemic injuries are related to these conditions. Read about signs and symptoms of these injuries and how to overcome them, such as finding the right support and the importance of setting goals. We have also included inspiring brain injury recovery stories.  

What is the difference between hypoxic and anoxic brain injuries?

A hypoxic or anoxic brain injury is where the oxygen supply to the brain is interrupted. The


treatment for seizures after brain injury

Use this guide to find out detailed information about the seizures that can be experienced following a traumatic brain injury (TBI). At AJ Case Management we created this blog to provide readers with educational insights into injuries, but more importantly the route to recovery and rehabilitation. In this post you will find how seizures following a TBI aren’t barriers to you reaching your goals in life and how you can progress through rehabilitation with the right support. Navigate through the contents below to find


help someone with traumatic brain injury

We have created this guide for friends and family members of someone with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) so they can offer support through rehabilitation. Seeing a loved one with a TBI can be upsetting and stressful, which is why we wanted to provide tips for helpful ways to offer your support. From the early stages to their long-term recovery, find ideas and small gestures that can make a big difference. It may seem like an overwhelming journey that you don’t think you can contribute


what is administration of medication   There are many reasons for treating patients with medication, with the main three being: Diagnosis – This is to investigate the cause of the illness or examine the nature of the symptoms. Treatment – After the diagnosis, the medication is used to reduce symptoms and fight the illness. Prevention – Medication to stop the illness or disease being developed.  

What is administration of medication?

This is simply the route medication takes to enter your body. The medicine can come in many different forms and the

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