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case manager vs social worker In this guide we are going to break down the key differences between case managers and social workers. To give you a clear understanding of the two, you will find job descriptions, the major differences and similarities, which key principles they share and the various responsibilities each role holds. Simply navigate through the guide by clicking on a topic:

  1. What is a case manager?
  2. What is a social worker?
  3. What are the differences?
  4. What principles do they share?
  5. What duties are

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What is Person Centred Care In this guide you will find out exactly what person-centred care is, how different organisations define it, the values and principles it follows, real life examples and much more. This approach is gaining more popularity as it grows and develops and is a useful term to become familiar with. It keeps the patient at the centre of care and has many core principles that are beneficial for rehabilitation and recovery. Navigate through the post by clicking on a topic:

  1. Definition
  2. Principles

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care management vs case management In this guide discover the differences between case and care managers and what is involved in their roles. Find out what their daily responsibilities include and how the two professions overlap. We are also going to cover which is best for you and how to find the right help for rehabilitation and recovery. Navigate through the post by clicking on a topic:

  1. The differences between case and care managements
  2. What is care management?
  3. What is the role of a case manager?

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difference between mental illness and brain injury In this guide we will be discussing the similarities and differences between mental illness and brain injuries, and how the two can be related. Find out how trauma to the brain could lead to a psychiatric disorder, the potential symptoms and the support available to manage them. Setting goals is a vital part to reaching your milestones and focusing on the things that matter to you, so keep reading to find out how to set productive goals and why they are so beneficial.  

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anoxic brain injury symptoms In this article we will discuss what a hypoxic and anoxic brain injury is and how the two compare, including how ischemic injuries are related to these conditions. Read about signs and symptoms of these injuries and how to overcome them, such as finding the right support and the importance of setting goals. We have also included inspiring brain injury recovery stories.  

What is the difference between hypoxic and anoxic brain injuries?

A hypoxic or anoxic brain injury is where the oxygen supply to the brain is interrupted. The