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At AJCM we are proud to work with such a varied range of individuals, companies, charities and organisations across the UK.
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With a combined work experience of over 30 years, we are proud to welcome our new team members to the AJCM Team.

Nichola Shellum Case Manager




NICHOLA SHELLUM is very experienced in spinal cord injuries and brain injuries, having worked in the field since 2006.
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Chris Collins Case Manager




CHRIS COLLINS provides services for children and adults with brain injury and complex needs in the Midlands.
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 Julia Meakin Case Manager




JULIA MEAKIN will be providing support for adults with complex needs living in Shropshire and the surrounding area.
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Debbie Chadwick Case Manager




DEBBIE CHADWICK is based on the South coast with over 11 years experience in complex needs for children and adults.
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About Us

With you…every step of the way.

Ali McNamara is the Managing Director and has worked as a Case Manager since 2004.

The company was established to offer bespoke clinical services to our clients.

The team at here are skilled therapists with extensive experience of working with clients with neurological impairments and complex needs.

“…the quality of service they provide stands head and shoulders above that of others…”

Case Management

Therapeutic case management at its best…

Established within the UK for over 20 years, the role has adapted and changed to meet the needs of the clients.

The introduction of the British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers in 1996 and Case Management Society UK in 2001 has provided the industry with codes of ethics and best practice guidelines.

“…highly professional Case Manager whose own clinical skills and experience mean that she really understands a rehabilitation approach…”

Clients & Families

Offering you the support you need…

We know the injury suffered by you or your loved one changed everyone’s life that day. Those early days can be a blur for everyone and the days, months and years ahead have their own unique challenges.

There are so many worries you may need to deal with and not just the physical injuries and emotional impact.  Often your loved one will remain in hospital or be unable to work and you may find yourself juggling visits, children and work.   There is often financial strain following the serious injury as incomes can be reduced and expenses of living increased.

“…from that day onwards the improvements for my client have been immense…”

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Professional, knowledgeable and approachable team.

“…AJCM is an efficient and organised company with a good clinical skill mix as well as experience…”

AJ CM Ltd have a skilled team who are all from a therapy background. We can assist you when you are in hospital, post injury and we are often with you side-by-side along your journey.  We aim to help you and your family move forward with your life.

What we do


Definition: A report of the British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine defined rehabilitation in terms of concept and service:


Conceptual definition: “A process of active change by which a person who has become disabled acquires the knowledge and skills needed for optimal physical, psychological and social function” Service definition: “The use of all means to minimise the impact of disabling conditions and to assist disabled people to achieve their desired level of autonomy and participation in society”

These definitions provide a useful framework, although it should be noted that ABI rarely affects an individual in isolation, and the needs of family members and carers should also be addressed as part of the rehabilitation process. After your injury you will begin a rehabilitation pathway either via the NHS or from Independent Therapists. This may involve input from a variety of people.


Litigation Process

Taking on a Personal Injury or Medical Negligence Claim can be daunting and AJCM are the “buffer” to help you progress this process.

The professionals at AJCM are skilled in the litigation process and will work with you to help you understand the procedure including the role of the Expert Report, Interim Payments and we will often be asked by your Solicitor to provide witness statements describing the impact that your injury has on your day to day life.



“I have experienced at first hand Ali case managing a client with very a severe brain injury indeed.  Ali was able to put together a care and therapy team in order that the client could be looked after in the community.  I have noted that independent respected medical experts in the field have a high regard for her and have specifically commented on the excellence of the care and therapy teams which she has put together and I would endorse this opinion.”
Neil Lorimer – Partner/Dept Head


Records Management and Good Governance

Our clinical notes, time and cost recording are maintained on the Qunote Platform.  This leading-edge cloud-based software helps us to maintain accurate records, more responsive management and the highest standards of client care.

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