Meet the Team

We act in Unity

We are stronger together. We unite people around you to support you on your journey. These people will be focused on helping you to achieve your aspirations.

AJ Case Management Ltd have a skilled and experienced team of Case Managers, all from a therapy background.

This brings a wealth of therapeutic and clinical skills, which translates easily into the role of the Case Manager including assessment skills, goal setting and risk assessing.

Our Case Managers have worked with clients living in their own homes and transitioning from rehabilitation units. The role of the case manager is often long term and we support our clients to achieve their life goals.

Ali McNamara

Director / Case Manager

Ali qualified as a Physiotherapist in 1992 and worked for the NHS supporting clients with complex needs. In 2004, she began her journey into case management, she specialises in working with clients with acquired brain injury. She is skilled at taking the client and family through the rehabilitation journey and then supporting them long term into the community.

 “In my experience it is important that the Case Manager is the person keeping an eye on the long term plans trying to stay ahead of the next stage to ensure that the process runs smoothly.”

 “I don’t believe the rehabilitation journey ever ends and it is important that the Case Manager continues to assess the client’s needs into the future, often maximising our clients’ abilities many years after their injuries.”

Jan Tulloch

Director/Business Manager

Jan set up AJ Case Management Ltd in January 2013 and supports the Case Management team and administration team. Jan spent over 20 years in the Utility Industry in various managerial roles and has a wealth of knowledge in People Management, HR Policy and Office Administration.

 “I have worked with Ali for the last 9 years and understand the impact of the injury on the client and their family. My role is to ensure that everything runs smoothly here in the office and that we can provide the best service possible”.

Tracey Dailly

Associate Case Manager

Tracey qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist in 1996 and has been working as aCase Manager since 2011.

‘As a Case Manager I am extremely lucky to be able to be involved in every aspect of a client’s care and support needs. This gives me the opportunity to strive to deliver an outstanding, person centred model of care and support to each client and their family.

I believe that by working in partnership with the clients and those around them we can
deliver the best outcomes and help clients to achieve or even surpass their personal goals.

I have a great deal of experience in identifying the most appropriate therapists and also in recruiting bespoke care teams. Every service I manage is individually tailored to meet the needs of the client. I have been involved with very many clients and their families while they are going through the litigation process. However, Case Management is a long term process for many people and I have had the pleasure of being involved with many clients in the long term and supporting them in different phases of their life’s journey.

Rachel Wyper

Associate Case Manager

Rachel qualified as a Speech and Language therapist in 2008 and started working as a Case Manager in April 2013.

 “Although working as a Case Manager is relatively new for me I have supported clients with complex needs and lifelong conditions to live safely in the community as a Speech and Language therapist for many years”

 “I believe these skills to be transferrable as I have worked with many clients who are supported by a multi-disciplinary team, and my role as a Speech Therapist is often pivotal in ensuring that our clients are able to be supported to be part of goal planning.”

 “Case management is a new challenge for me but I am skilled at assessing client needs, goal planning and report writing. Working with clients, families and therapists is not new to me.”

Helena Bryant

Associate Case Manager

Helena qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 1994 and is a HCPC registered.

Helena worked for the NHS for 17 years until 2010 when she left to work as an independent OT and to take on a new role working for a large law firm as a Client Liaison Manager. Thisrole involved supporting clients and their families during the early stages of the litigation process. During this time Helena developed a sound understanding of personal injury litigation and the role of the Court of Protection.

“I decided to join AJ Case Management to be able to work with clients over the longer term. Over the last 3 years I have worked full time as a case manager. I enjoy working with both adults and children and have a varied case load working with clients with highly complex needs and those who may present with less obvious support needs.

As an Occupational Therapist I champion client centred practice, sharing the belief that clients are experts regarding their own lives and occupations (activities). Clients must be supported to be active participants in the case management process regardless of their level of impairment or disability.

At AJ Case Management we all support this view, our clients are always at the centre of the services we provide or oversee. Every client has their own strengths, needs and priorities.

As a case manager my focus is to facilitate positive change for my clients and their families to maximise their autonomy, independence and well-being and help them achieve their goals.

Andrea Matthews

Associate Case Manager

Andrea graduated from the University of Wales, Bangor in 2004 with a BSc (Hons) in Psychology. She went on to qualify as an Occupational Therapist in 2011, after completing an MSc in Occupational Therapy (pre-reg) at the University of Derby. She joined AJ Case Management as a Case Manager in 2014.

She has experience working as an Occupational Therapist and an Assistant Psychologist within the community and in-patient services, as well as an Assistant Manager of a 25-bedded residential rehabilitation service. This has allowed her to develop clinical and managerial skills while working with people with complex needs throughout their rehabilitation journey.

Wendy Richardson

Associate Case Manager

 Wendy is based in the West Midlands and gained her Registered Nursing Qualification in 1998.

In recent years Wendy has worked as Lead Nurse for Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group. This role included negotiation and monitoring of CHC funded placements and ensuring the highest quality of care.

Wendy is an experienced hospital and community Nurse with invaluable expertise working with clients who have complex long term conditions and their families.

Sophie Benko

Associate Case Manager

Sophie is an experienced brain and spinal injury case manager, having worked in the field since 2010. Sophie is experienced in managing a complex caseload, her clients have a variety of needs including cerebral palsy, spinal injury, acquired brain injury, drugs and alcohol addiction, amputees, mental health and behavioural difficulties.

Sophie is an Occupational Therapist registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. She is also an active member of the British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers.

Sophie is skilled at managing the multi-disciplinary team and ensures that her clients are receiving evidence based treatment, keeping up to date with clinical guidelines (NICE/NSF). Sophie is passionate about ensuring the therapy team are setting collaborative goals with her clients. She regularly attends nationwide events to keep up to date with the latest equipment and adaptations. She has a keen interest in memory aids and keeps up to date with the latest technology available.

Kylie Holdback

Associate Case Manager

Kylie qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 2010 with a BSc (Hons) in Occupational Therapy from Coventry University.

Kylie has broad experience in assessing, treating and managing complex cases. Kylie has worked as part of multidisciplinary teams (MDT) and supported clients with lifelong conditions to live safely in the community.

Kylie was team leader for a community rehabilitation team for The British Institute for Brain Injured Children (BIBIC), and continued to develop her specialist skills, working with children and young people who required support in the community to maximise their independence in daily living.

Kylie will be supported by the AJCM team including administrative support, Assistant Case Managers, and Registered Manager. This ensures that our clients are supported by a team and can expect an excellent standard of service at all times.

Chrisanna Gibbs

Associate Case Manager

Chrisanna qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 1997 and has worked in a range of clinical areas, specialising within the field of Paediatrics. She has recently started work as a case manager with AJ case management and is passionate about promoting and enabling independence.

“Becoming part of the AJ Case management team has been an easy decision for me, as their core beliefs fit perfectly with how I strive to be as a professional.

Whilst I am new to Case management, the strong skill set that I have is transferable and the strong team that I am now a part of will support where needed to ensure the clients receive the best quality service. I have been working with complex cases and diagnoses for many years, so am used to liaising and maintaining contact with others. Communication is pivotal to ensure the best care for the client.

I am looking forward to the journey ahead.”

Linsey Jamieson

Associate Case Manager

Linsey Jamieson is a qualified teacher with a wide range of experience supporting young people with complex disabilities within mainstream and specialist educational settings. Over the past six years Linsey has worked as a Personal Learning Co-ordinator for clients with a wide range of complex disabilities, including those who have experienced traumatic brain injuries, have chronic progressive conditions, learning difficulties and cerebral palsy.

Clare Barr

Associate Case Manager

Clare qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist in 2014 with a BSc(Hons) in Speech and Language Therapy. She is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and is a member of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists and the International Society of Early Intervention.

Clare continues to develop her clinical skills in the Speech and Language Therapy field, however she is also keen to pursue a long term career in brain injury case management. She is working alongside experienced case managers to develop her knowledge, with the aim of working as a fully qualified case manager in the next 12 months.

Michelle Edwards

Associate Case Manager

 Michelle is based in the West Midlands, is qualified to level 7 in Education, and is highly qualified in Child Psychology and Counselling Skills. She has an unusually diverse background, working in Education, Education Support, Social Care, Community Engagement, Conservation and Law before joining AJ Case Management Ltd in 2015. Her expertise includes:

  • In-depth understanding of childhood and adolescence.
  • Specialism in Community and Leisure re-engagement.
  • Experienced behaviourist.
  • Specialism in Brain Injury Education Support.
  • Ability to identify care, support and therapeutic intervention needs for children and young adults with complex disabilities and understand how these needs may change with time.
  • Family therapist.
  • Knowledge and assessment of specialist interventions.

Claire Evesons

Associate Case Manager

 Now working in Case Management, Claire is a Chartered Physiotherapist, who additionally has expertise in manual handling, and a background in teaching. She has a breadth of professional knowledge and life experience which enable her to effectively assess a client’s needs, then design and deliver a bespoke, multidisciplinary (MDT) support package to achieve a client’s life goals.

In her Physiotherapy role, Claire has 25 years’ experience across Acute and Community settings, has worked in orthopaedics, amputee rehab, neurorehabilitation, and respiratory care. For the last 16 years Claire has specialised in the rehabilitation of clients with multiple and complex pathologiesm in community settings.

Claire has many years’ experience in the specialism of manual handling, being both an advanced manual handling risk assessor in complex manual handling situations and a manual handling key trainer. As such she is able to design and deliver bespoke manual handling training courses for staff, undertake manual handling risk assessments of clients with complex manual handling needs, and hence has a keen insight into the quality of care and support provided to clients.

Claire is a member of National Back Exchange and previously led the manual handling service of a large Health Trust.

This wealth of physiotherapeutic and manual handling knowledge and skills affords a deep understanding of clients’ physical, mental and care needs. Claire’s excellent communication skills ensure effective liaison with professionals, family and friends, which coupled with a positive ‘can do’ mindset serves to foster a quality experience in meeting clients’ goals.

Having worked in service lead roles,

Claire is a highly organised manager, has excellent report writing skills and is able to work both strategically and operationally.

Claire’s professional backgrounds and life experience dovetail perfectly for her Case Management role, to ensure an acute awareness of the day to day problems; physical, emotional and psychological, faced by clients and the challenges carers have in supporting them, enabling her to manage and support them effectively.

Additionally, Claire’s passion for and deep understanding of the need for high quality client assessment, care and rehabilitation enable her to devise bespoke actions plans, precisely tailored to client, carer and family needs, creating the required climate to achieve a client’s life goals and support them through their life journey.

AJ Case Management are a CQC regulated Case Management provider and are skilled in the recruitment and management of directly employed and agency support staff. All Case Managers are trained to ensure care is provided safely and effectively in accordance with CQC standards.